King of Bomb

  • The rules of the match

    The first season of the King of Bomb team Athletic Championship is coming soon.Be the best athletic team of the Bomb’s King. Bring your best partner to participate the first season of the King of Bomb team Athletic Championship now!


    Sign up:

    Players can sign up on facebook event page or send the sign up information to Bomb Me contact e-mail: , the match mode is 2v2 F   reestyle of the sports mode, each team will be formed by 2 players, please one player of the team post the team name and two players’ ID as well as the two players’ role name below the event article, or send to our contact e-mail: .


    All players are able to sign up, but we will select two players within the team that are more than level 16 after the deadline of the registration time, please try your best to upgrade your level to 16.


    Team name:

    The 1st player’s role name (ID):

    The 2nd player’s role name (ID):


    Remarks: please attention to an official end to announce process prevail



    Registration time: Feb 22 – Feb 26

    Time process of publishing time: Feb 27 – Feb 28

    Time of the match: Mar 1



    1. Server: S1- angry bomb.
    2. Match time: unlimited time.
    3. Match map: random.
    4. Match system: knockout (2v2).
    5. Match mode: free style of the sports mode ( Each round will be stationed in the two GM statistical results of the match, GM will not have any impact on the game behavior.
    6. Match room: designated room.
    7. The match will take the best of three games in the form of the game.
    8. We will select two players within the team that are more than level 16.



    1, 5 minutes before the start of the game, GM will invite participants to join the game room (5 minutes after the match starts, contestants who fail to enter the game room shall be regarded as the automatic waiver).

    2,In the match, players must neither abuse GM or other players, nor by illegal means interfere with another matches.

    3,During the match, if any player flees due to their network problems, the game will continue.

    4,GM witnessing the battle don't belong to any a team members. During the match, GM will not launch any attack.

    5,The players to join the match must bring the equipment by yourself. The official will not issue any prop.

    6,From the start of the game to the rewards delivered, players can't modify the game character names. For any renaming during the competition, the player will be disqualified.

    7, Players' levels are subject to specific levels before the application deadline.



    Champion: 60000G, Mercury(30days), lv5 RS X 15, lv2 LS X 15, VIP(180days), speaker X 20

    2nd place: 50000G, Bull King’s Hammer(15days), lv5 RS X 13, lv2 LS X 12, VIP(60days), speaker X 20

    3rd place: 40000G, Sweet Ice Cream(7days), lv5 RS X 12, lv2 LS X 12, VIP(30days), speaker X 10

    4th place: 30000G, Star Puppet(5days), lv5 RS X 11, lv2 LS X 11, VIP(15days), speaker X 10

    5th-8th: 20000G, lv5 RS X 10, lv2 LS X 10, speaker X 10

    Participation award: After you signed up and participated in the match, you can get a participation award.

    Registration  award: Some registration teams will be selected by system, and we will send the them registration award.



    1, The activity  reward will be handed out by mail in 5 working days after the match.

    2, For any aimbot or other third party illegal software, the participants will be disqualified.

    3, 5 minutes after the start of the game, if any player disconnects due to their network problems, the game will continue. For some special circumstances, such as server troubles, this round of match will be regarded as invalid.

    4, Please pay close attention to the official competition information. Players who fail to enter the game room within the prescribed time will be regarded as abstention.

    5, The activity is held by only our company, and has nothing to do with FACEBOOK.

    6, During the activity ,in case of any problem, the company will reserve the right to modify or discontinue the activity.